Quebec 2019: Vieux-Québec

We’ve been taking yearly trips to Quebec to visit our relatives and see the sights. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that our plans to visit in the summer will have to be postponed. So here are some snaps from our weekend trip to New France in September last year.

We roamed around the streets of Quebec City that wonderful late summer morning. The sun gave us just the right amount of warmth. I do love it here when the seasons are about to change.

After walking around the old and cobbled streets of Vieux-Québec, we headed to the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

This iconic piece of architectural marvel has been a part of Quebec City’s skyline sine 1893. It was designated a National Historic Site almost 90 years later, and to this day has served, along with the other historical buildings in Quebec City, as a remnant of the strong French stronghold in North America.

Quebec City had a very naturally warm hue to it that personally evoked feelings and the look of early colour films. This is why, when I decided to quickly grade the photos, I chose to highlight the warm tones and imperfect lens flares. It’s very different from the cool and faded hues that I use for my photos, but I think that this is what best suits the photos I took.

This old capital of New France fully encapsulates and preserves the long francophone history and presence here in Canada.

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