Vancouver 2018 – Day Two

My second day in beautiful Vancouver was pretty eventful. I went to so many different parks and was totally engulfed by the natural beauty of this place.

Day 2.

9:30AM PDT. Went out for a run around the neighborhood.

10:00AM PDT. Got ready to head out. I got stuck in crazy traffic though.

11:30AM PDT. Finally got to Queen Elizabeth Park after more than an hour and a half of trying to get there. The cab I took really got stuck in bad traffic. I decided to get off and then walked about 15 minutes to get to Main Street where I caught a northbound bus. From there, I took another 15-minute walk to get to QEP.

After grabbing some quick lunch in the park, I proceeded to walk to Van Dusen Botanical Garden. It was about a 15-20-minute walk. Thankfully, the sun wasn’t that bad and the breeze was amazing.

I spent about two hours there before deciding to head back home quickly to change my clothes. I took the bus to Downtown Vancouver around around quarter to 6. I headed up the Vancouver Lookout that night before having dinner with some local friends.

So that’s it for the second day. I’ll be posting about my third day tomorrow. Cheers!


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