Vancouver 2018 – Day One

I can’t believe that it’s been almost 15 months since I went on a crazy adventure in Vancouver. The usually rainy city was surprisingly warm and sunny almost all throughout the week that I was there. I got to see some awesome places and really appreciate the natural beauty of this charming British Columbian city. Throughout this series of blog posts, I will be journaling everything that has happened during my trip.

Day 1.

4:00AM EDT. Got through a very speedy check-in process at the airport.

6:50AM EDT. Our plane was up in the sky. I took some photos of my window seat view.

11:01AM MDT. Arrived at Calgary for a 54-minute layover.

12:36PM MDT. We were flying over Banff. It was such a sight to behold.

1:27PM PDT. Arrived at Vancouver International Airport. Finally! After checking in at my Airbnb, I spent a few hours napping because it was such an exhausting flight.

8:20PM PDT. I started exploring Gastown. I got to see the world-famous steam clock and watch the beautiful sunset by Canada Place.

That’s it for day one. I’ll be posting about my day two adventures tomorrow.


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