Day 19. Willpower

Day 19. 6 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: Mulled Wine (Oolong Tea)

Everyone goes through something very difficult in their lives every now and then. After all, life isn’t and will never be perfect. If there’s anything the past couple of days have taught me, it’s that my woes are nothing to what most of the world is facing. That’s not to say that my troubles are trivial because they absolutely are not. It’s just I’ve had enough time to look at things from a different perspective and see how lucky I am. So what exactly am I trying to convey here? Having some kind of reality-based perspective is essential or, at the very least, helpful in facing life and the problems thrown at oneself by the universe. Like I said earlier in this series, if other people who have greater burdens than I have can survive, then so can I. It’s a matter of will. The only question is how long one can sustain that will.

P.S. Today’s tea is quite fitting for what’s been going on in my life lately as my doctor advised me that I should carefully moderate my alcohol intake while on medication. I can’t drink as much as I used to and it’s a little disappointing (it’s not like I’m not a drunk), but it will be for the better.


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