Day 24. On Christmas

Day 24. 1 Day to go before Christmas.

Tea: Santa’s Secret (Black Tea)

On Christmas

For the last day of my 24 days of tea, I’m posting a poem that I wrote 2 years ago. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Christmastime is upon us again

Joy, love, and peace come callin’

The air is filled with Yuletide cheer

Carolers on the streets we hear

Oh, we love this season when merry are men.

Jack Frost’s nipping at your ear

Get a glimpse of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

Frosty the Snowman is dancing in the snow

Being a Grinch is a big no-no

Because it’s the most festive time of the year.

Presents wrapped under the tree

Stockings filled with loot there’ll be

Laughing, singing, and dancing all around

While the snow keeps falling on the ground

Such a wonderful time for friends and family.

Snuggle with a special someone

Go out and build a snowman

Sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa

Kiss your loved one under the mistletoe

Or join a Kris Kringle because it’s lots of fun.

For moms and dads alike, it’s a great time to bake

Pies, cookies, and some delicious fruitcake

On the table is served an assortment of food

Roast pig, rosemary lamb, and duck barbecued

You’ll definitely have lots to choose from and take.

Charades and Santa hat are the games we play

While munching on candy canes and peppermint brownies from the tray

The adults drink eggnog, wine, or coffee

When you look around smiles you’ll see

And before the night ends we all would pray

Though cold the wind may be

Everyone seems to be very jolly

Hearts are filled with lots of joy

Especially those of little girls and boys

‘Tis the time for jubilee.

#DAVIDsTEA #Christmas #tea


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