Day 23. On letting go

Day 23. 2 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: White Cranberry Bark

On letting go

There’s that old adage that goes “forgive and forget”. The holiday season has always been a time of reflection for me. It’s that time when I look back into everything that’s happened throughout the year and contemplate about myself and the things that I’m happy about and regret. One of the biggest things that come to my mind during these times is forgiveness. Not just about receiving it but also asking for it from others. I’m not perfect and I have no right to hold any grudges nor not make mistakes and hurt people. God knows I’ve burnt a lot of bridges because of my mistakes, flaws, and stupidity. But if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from those experiences is that no matter what happens, you should always make an effort to apologize. Be sincere about it and feel remorse. If they don’t forgive, then that’s fine. What’s important is that you acknowledged that you were wrong or that you did them harm.

There’s also no point in just keeping in one’s anger and hatred towards another person. All the negativity that you’re keeping inside by not letting go will only make you sick—not just spiritually or emotionally but also physically.

I know it’s every easy to say that you’re forgiving someone or that you’re letting go, but it never is. Just as much as it takes courage to acknowledge that you’re mistaken, it takes a lot of guts to hand out forgiveness and let go.

So to everyone whom I’ve hurt this year, I’m so sorry. And to the people that have hurt me, I’ve already forgiven you and let go of whatever happened between us.

Let’s use the holiday spirit to lessen everyone’s emotional burden by doing this. You’ll feel extremely lighter afterwards.

#DAVIDsTEA #Christmas #tea


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