Day 20. On dating in the digital age

Day 20. 5 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: Carrot Cupcake (Rooibos)

On dating in the digital age

With the advent of personal computers and smartphones, more and more men and boys put themselves out on the internet to a) the idealistic kind, find love; and b) the realistic kind, have anonymous, no strings attached sex with someone they barely know or don’t know at all. Small percentage of people on dating and hookup sites fall on the first choice. Most, like the ones on the latter choice, are after the druglike rush of doing something fun, adventurous, and even dangerous. All these guys, young and old, are breaking themselves into pieces, hoping that these fragments of themselves are pieced together after spending a night with a stranger. These people trying out every possible new way to taste pleasure. These boys who still feel empty and hollow after the rush wears off, and they’re finally offline, and the lights are off, and they realize that they are once again alone. These are the men who are in a state of limbo.

#DAVIDsTEA #Christmas #tea


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