Day 16. On pain

Day 16. 9 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: Sleigh Ride (Fruit Infusion)

On pain

Crying does not mean that you’re weak. It’s a normal coping mechanism especially after a loss of a loved one—after a heartbreak. It’s a manifestation of the pain that we feel.

[Pain.] (n.) highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by illness or injury. We try to avoid pain. It’s that one sensation that most (considering that there are sadists and masochists and people who just love pain) refuse to experience. It’s the feeling that traces its roots from negative experiences we’ve had. It’s a reminder of how we were emotionally tortured and hurt.

I don’t like pain. In fact, I hate it. Not the physical type of pain. I’m talking about the emotional type. You can treat physical pain. Just dab some ointment on it or take some painkillers, and you’re good to go. Emotional pain, on the other hand, is much harder to heal. It lingers and haunts you more than the body sore that you feel from sports or working out; yet everyone experiences it. It’s like the Hilton sisters (I’m obviously living in the 2000s) crashing a party they were not invited to. It’s like a mystery box—not the good-stuff-filled kind but the shit- and grief-filled one.

Pain is like a very potent bottle of poison. You start by experiencing extreme difficulty in swallowing and a burning sensation in your throat. Then the unbearable stomach aches follow. Soon after, you’ll be vomiting. If that’s not enough suffering yet, you’d start getting vertigo and your blood pressure and pulse decreases. Your limbs would hurt like they’re being torn from your body. You’d also start getting more depressed and you’d think about your death. And after all these sufferings, you’d die. That’s what pain feels like. Not that I’ve experienced being poisoned, but I’m pretty sure you’d understand and get a picture of what pain feels like (if the description wasn’t vivid enough).


Pain, like the setting of the sun, is something we can’t avoid. Some just face it head on while others try to endure it until they become numb.

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