Day 5. On saying no

Day 5. 20 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: Glitter and Gold (Black Tea)

On saying no

I was reminded today that it’s important to say “no”. I’ve almost forgotten that when you let people do whatever they want to do, they take advantage of you. One of my colleagues keep on telling me that I tend to be too nice, and people keep abusing me because of that. The thing is, whenever I’m at work, I find it hard to refuse to help anyone. I always have this urge to make people feel like they can come to me for things.

I dunno what happened today, but something made me take a step back and say no to people coming to me for things. Maybe I got fed up with all the office politics, or maybe I’m just done with people asking me for favours. Whatever it is, I’m glad that I started setting my boundaries and limitations. Hopefully, it won’t start and end with my professional life but also my personal life.


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