Day 2. On quitting coffee

Day 2. 23 Days to go before Christmas.

Tea: Chocolate Macaroon (Black Tea)

On quitting coffee

I used to be obsessed with coffee that it became a running joke that the liquid running through my veins is not blood but coffee or that I lived in Starbucks. I’ve been so dependent on coffee that when I finally decided to quit, I had the worst possible withdrawal symptoms. I was always lethargic, irritable, and sleepy. It was like a huge part of my life was gone.

Quitting coffee meant quitting lattes, and that was something that was hard for me to let go. It’s been an integral part of my daily routine—one bug cup of vanilla bean latte in the morning, one iced upside down caramel macchiato at noontime, and a single shot of espresso with steamed breve after dinner. That went on for about three years. I even started making my drinks at home because it was starting to get uneconomical.

I finally quit coffee a couple of months ago. I’m glad to have found a substitute that doesn’t make me so groggy and dazed. I’ve always loved tea but never thought I would be as in love with it as I used to with coffee. At first I thought I’d go back, but I’m a total convert now. ♥️


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